Meet Jodi

Riverhead Town Councilwoman Jodi Giglio, a resident of Baiting Hollow for the last 20 years, is a committed public servant, a small business owner, and most importantly, a mother to her three children.

As a small business owner, Jodi is too familiar with the needs and hurdles of local business owners, especially during these difficult times. Jodi is a proud union member of Local 138, International Union of Operating Engineers and successfully runs a NYS Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise. In addition to running a small business, Jodi has also served as a long-time land use consultant. With these private sector experiences, Jodi will be a fierce advocate for the small business community in New York State.

Jodi was inspired to run for Riverhead Town Council 11 years ago as a frustrated small business owner, looking for a change in local government.  When reflecting back on her journey, Jodi has never lost sight of where she came from. As an elected official, Jodi has a demonstrated track record of putting the needs of her constituents above all else. Too often, people come into politics for self-serving reasons and it is important to Jodi that she proves to her constituents that she works at the benefit of them.

When Jodi was elected as Councilwoman in 2010, her business experience prepared her to be a fiscal watchdog for Riverhead taxpayers. There she led the charge on several strategies to save Riverhead millions of dollars by implementing process improvements, eliminating wasteful spending, and creating legislation to protect the environment. With a 10-year plan, the town was able to balance the budget deficit that plagued Riverhead for years.

As Riverhead Town Councilwoman, Jodi was honored by Minority Millennials Inc. as a Woman of Distinction for her contribution to policies that have had a positive impact on our minority and young generations. Jodi is a big of promoter of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) for our youth. As Riverhead Town Councilwoman, Jodi lead the charge in creating a partnership between ULC Robotics and the town of Riverhead. This partnership supports onsite classes, mentoring, field trips to the research and development facility, Riverhead School engagement, and on-site programs for area homeless shelters. Jodi will advocate for STEAM initiatives in Albany, as this type of education will help develop the next generation of innovators and train our future workforce.

Jodi is resilient and values hard work, determination, and perseverance. If elected, Jodi will be committed to finding solutions to reduce the state’s significant budget deficit, fix our crumbling infrastructure, protect our environment, and ensure our communities are safer. Jodi is committed to putting forward legislation that prioritizes the needs of hardworking Long Islanders and advocating that more of our taxpayer money comes home to Long Island. Jodi is determined to advocate against policies like bail reform that empowers criminals and put our law enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens at a significant disadvantage.

Due to her dedication to the town of Riverhead for the last decade, Jodi is ready to expand her role and serve constituents at the state level. Her experiences in both the private and public sectors, including the professional relationships she has established with local, state and federal officials make her the most qualified individual to represent the needs of NY’s Second Assembly District.