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Dear Voter: 

New York State finished last year with a $6.1 billion deficit and that was long before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. The chaos of Covid-19 has made our already fragile state economy a house of cards. Laws passed this year granted the Governor full executive power to transfer money without procedural safety nets and public notice. One elected official should not have unchecked power to unilaterally make decisions that impact all New Yorkers; good government requires open government.

Albany is broken and I am experienced and prepared to help fix the current fiscal disaster. The unaffordable and unsustainable progressive proposals in Albany at this moment, while in the midst of a pandemic, could cost the taxpayers upward of $79 billion. Not enough of our hard-earned tax dollars are spent here on Long Island to enhance our quality of life, create quality employment, protect our environment and provide real opportunities for our youth.

Our infrastructure is crumbling, our businesses are overtaxed, and our education system is not best preparing our children for the future. Too many of our public works projects go unfinished because it is difficult to get paid from the state; employers are facing mandated wage increases and are finding it more difficult to stay in business; and millions of dollars in state aid goes unpaid, resulting in higher taxes and less representation.

And with all of these existing hurdles, the Governor has proposed to cut aid to hospitals and schools by 20%.  While the Covid-19 pandemic gives Albany an excuse to overspend beyond its means, in the end, the hard-working taxpayers of NY will once again be required to foot the bill.

Albany Democrats are shifting the cost of Medicaid to the counties while also mandating the services and expenses that need to be covered. Bail Reform has put our communities in danger and tied the hands of law enforcement. Because of the direction New York state has moved in, our state is now experiencing a mass exodus.  We need to do better to retain the very individuals that made Long Island the beautiful place that it is.

Throughout my entire career in public office, I have made myself available to my local residents in need. On a state level, I believe it is critical to care for and protect our state’s most vulnerable populations, who feel unjustly treated and ignored. I am committed to fighting for access to the quality care and funding that they deserve. In particular, as a supporter for our nation’s Veterans, I find it unacceptable that the New York State budget allocated only $6 million in funding for our Veterans: $5 million to help homeless veterans and $1 million to support suicide prevention.

However, the budget did allocate $100 million to fund political campaigns. How is it acceptable that our tax dollars prioritized the funding of political campaigns over the lives of our nation’s heroes at a ratio of 17:1?  This should not be a partisan issue- our NY Veterans need more state funds to help them thrive and survive.

Good government requires leadership, empathy, and local representation that advocates for the needs of constituents above all else. As a fiscal conservative, I look forward to bringing forward commonsense solutions that will help bring the power back to the people of NY.