The Issues

Putting Long Island First

Jodi has expanded her role to target the state’s crumbling infrastructure and better train the Long Island workforce to help address the mass exodus we have seen in recent years. She is part of a coalition of legislators to ensure that Long Island gets its fair share of school funding. In addition, she supports additional incentives for volunteer firefighters and EMS workers, to help alleviate the high cost of living and to encourage recruitment and retention.

Building a Better Economy & Inflation Relief

Jodi has been a tireless advocate for re-opening the economy in the Covid era. She fights the heavy burden of wasteful government spending, taxes, fees, and mandates that have put an enormous strain on local businesses and taxpayers. She can be counted on as a loud and persistent voice for the rural East End in a state dominated by urban interests. Jodi was a part of a coalition of legislators who called for the suspension of state fuel taxes and  the enactment of an additional homeowner tax rebate program to lessen the burden of inflation. She also supports tax cuts and credits for the middle-class.

Public Safety

Jodi is at the forefront of the effort to repeal the new bail laws that made a mockery of the criminal justice system. She supports law enforcement and law and order. Public safety is an ongoing concern of her constituents and they know she will make sure “Defund the Police” and other criminal-friendly schemes don’t take hold. Jodi  is a big supporter of law enforcement and was recently honored by the New York State Police with the Excelsior Award for her work with the New York State Troopers Memorial Fund, an initiative to rename bridges and overpasses on Long Island for Troopers who have lost their lives while serving in the line of duty. 

The Environment

As an East Ender, Jodi knows full well the importance of protecting the environment as the lifeblood of our local economy. Agriculture, tourism and the beautiful parks and waterways residents enjoy will always be her priority. She has worked with several organizations to help address concerns related to drinking water, pollution, protecting wildlife, addressing hazardous and invasive species, and land preservation.

Supporting Our Veterans

Jodi has advocated for more critical care funding for our Veterans. Jodi believes we owe so much to our Veterans and we must do everything in our power to provide them with additional funding for mental health, as well as funding for education and career advancement. She is a big supporter of the local Veterans organizations throughout her district.

Freedom & Liberty

Jodi is pro-Second Amendment for law-abiding New Yorkers. She is also very passionate about medical freedom and is against governmental mandates.